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Tips For Managing Family Traditions in Your Stepfamily

The ways in which we engage with our nearest and dearest and extended family on a regular, perhaps daily, weekly or even annual basis, form the basis of our family traditions and rituals. Traditions that range from ordinary routines and day-to-day activities – think those parents who routinely give their children a hug before leaving for […]

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The Power of Gratitude for Stepfamilies

There are a number of celebrations across the globe that take place each November. Think, All Saint Day/Day of the Dead celebrated throughout Mexico (1 November), Guy Fawkes Night celebrated in New Zealand and in United Kingdom (5 November), Armistice Day/Remembrance Day, a memorial day recognised world-wide to honour the war dead (11 November) and […]

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friends with ex

Stepmom’s, can you be friends with your partner’s Ex?

Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw once famously asked “can you be friends with an Ex?”. For those of us that have found love with someone who has children from a previous relationship the question is not only “can you” but also “should you be friends with your partner’s ex”. And more to the point, […]

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Stepparents are social beings too – why they need to, and should, spend kid free time with other adults

It is widely accepted that social support and connections have a positive influence on human beings’ physical, spiritual and mental health. At the heart of it, we are social beings and people need people. In fact, we thrive amidst healthy relationships. Relationships of all kinds provide us with a sense of belonging, shared experience, socialization, […]

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kids, separated parents, stepfamilies & school success

Kids, Separated Parents, Step-Families and School Success

Prior to separation, when parents lived together in the one home, they each had a role in monitoring and guiding their children’s schooling, essential to academic success. This does not change just because they are now separated and living in different households. It certainly makes it harder. Especially, when there are tons of things about […]

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7 Positive skills & life qualities that come from being a part of a stepfamily

Certainly in Australia right now, the stepfamily is one of the most common kinds of family. Being a stepfamily member can be among life’s most rewarding experiences but too often we focus on the challenges, about what not to do and about how to survive those early years. Now that is all important stuff, but […]

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better stepmum

7 Ways My Partner Helped Me Be A Better Stepmum

I walked into the stepmum gig reluctantly. I had studied and spent a great deal of my career working with separated and vulnerable children and families. I was well-versed in the high-conflict, complex, sticky-end of family separation and I wasn’t looking to open my personal life up to a partner with kids. So when my […]

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the name game

The Name Game: What do kids call their stepparents?

Labels and language are important. If you didn’t think so before, their importance becomes absolutely unavoidable when you journey into the world of a stepfamily. You just have to think of the plethora of names and labels used to describe stepfamilies: blended, merged, reformed, reorganised, recycled, repartnered and second time round families (to name but […]

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8 Lessons2

8 Lessons From Walt Disney Other Than Stepmothers Are Wicked

In last week’s post, Ignoring Cinderella – A Stepmother’s Perspective, we promised a list of positive messages from Walt Disney relevant for stepfamilies AND don’t involve wicked stepmothers. Our top 8 are below: Stepfamilies are different from any other family type. Rather than blending in, stepfamilies do best when they accept the individual differences of […]

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