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Tag Archives: Stepmoms

A Shout-Out To All The Stepmums On Mother’s Day

When you think about it, really think about it, stepmothers are pretty freaking amazing. These women take on responsibility for children who are not their own. Children who for the most part would do anything to NOT have a new stepparent in their world. These women accept their partner’s ex as a necessary part of […]

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7 Ways My Partner Helped Me Be A Better Stepmum

I walked into the stepmum gig reluctantly. I had studied and spent a great deal of my career working with separated and vulnerable children and families. I was well-versed in the high-conflict, complex, sticky-end of family separation and I wasn’t looking to open my personal life up to a partner with kids. So when my […]

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13 Things I’ve Learnt From 13 Years as a stepmum

A few weeks ago was the ‘anniversary’ of the day I met my stepson for the first time. I had dated his dad for 6 months before meeting him. My stepson was 2 ½ and I was 30 years old. We’ve both grown a lot since then and here’s a few things I learned along […]

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