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Tag Archives: Stepfamily relationships

On the outside looking in? Insider/Outsider relationships in stepfamilies

Feel like an outsider in your own home? Let me guess, you’re a stepparent, right? Stepfamilies are different from first-time families. Despite that seeming like such common-sense, many adults in stepfamilies still assume their stepfamily will function just like a first-time family. Those expectations of fitting a round peg (think stepfamily) into a square hole […]

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18 Lessons I Have Learnt From My Stepson

I have been in my stepson’s life for a number of years now. He was a toddler when I first met his father. He is now fully-fledged teenage man-boy. I have watched and supported him (and his parents) as he has moved and lived between his two homes. And, notwithstanding my being the adult and […]

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Softly Softly – how to address co-parenting and step-parenting issues in a softer way

As people who are ex-partners and step-parents, it’s essential to learn how to manage conflict in a healthy way. Meeting anger with hostility (or vice versa) only continues to destroy trust and is also not a good example to set to the children about effective communication, how to manage big emotions or to resolve conflict. […]

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The Relationship Difference

Whilst likeability and attraction can be instant, relationships however do not just appear. Meaningful and long-lasting relationships and secure attachments between us and others are built, established and maintained over time. Relationships are also by no means static. They can (and will) change and are influenced by time, experiences and life and developmental stages. The […]

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Riding the Christmas See-Saw: Balancing your Parnter and you Kids

It’s hard, isn’t it? The balance act required when you’re first starting the journey of creating your stepfamily. You want all of the important people in your life to feel loved and valued every day – particularly around the holidays. But at times, it can feel like you are standing in the middle of a […]

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