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Top Tips For New Stepparents

Becoming a stepparent can be daunting. Figuring out your role as a stepparent — aside from the day-to-day responsibilities that come with it —may lead to confusion, uncertainty or even conflict between you and your partner, your partner’s Ex, and the kids. There is a lot of information and advice out there to help you […]

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Stepfamilies, Time, Trade-offs & Tough Choices

We all want to think (and hope) that once we have found our king or queen, happily ever after and a blissful family will automatically follow. But if you have ever experienced heartbreak and divorce you know the reality is that happy families (and healthy relationships) don’t just happen because we fall in love. They […]

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A different Christmas

The carols are playing, the decorations are up and strings of lights are strung over houses with care. It all seems rather normal, but for repartnered families having a first (or tenth!) Christmas together, it can feel pretty surreal. We share Christmas with my stepson’s mother. One year he spends Christmas Eve and early Christmas […]

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The Ties That Bind: Loyalties in stepfamilies

  Like mother, like daughter. Like father, like son. We’ve all heard these proverbs. Some of us may have even reiterated them once or twice about our nieces or nephews, our close friends’ children, our own kids or our stepchildren. The sayings reflect what we know. Children tend to identify with their same-sex parent and […]

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8 Lessons From Walt Disney Other Than Stepmothers Are Wicked

In last week’s post, Ignoring Cinderella – A Stepmother’s Perspective, we promised a list of positive messages from Walt Disney relevant for stepfamilies AND don’t involve wicked stepmothers. Our top 8 are below: Stepfamilies are different from any other family type. Rather than blending in, stepfamilies do best when they accept the individual differences of […]

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Blending sucks

Want your stepfamily to succeed? Make sure you suck at blending. ‘To blend’ means to mix one thing with another until they are combined. ‘Blended’ conjures up images of the best banana smoothie you’ve ever tasted – with all the ingredients combined together in perfect taste-bud tantalising harmony. But successful stepfamilies know they may react […]

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