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Tag Archives: stepcouple relationship

On the outside looking in? Insider/Outsider relationships in stepfamilies

Feel like an outsider in your own home? Let me guess, you’re a stepparent, right? Stepfamilies are different from first-time families. Despite that seeming like such common-sense, many adults in stepfamilies still assume their stepfamily will function just like a first-time family. Those expectations of fitting a round peg (think stepfamily) into a square hole […]

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Successful Stepcouple relationships: top tips for making it work

Whether it be a first or second marriage, divorce rates across the Western world are declining and have been for a while. The reasons behind the falling statistics are complex. But it’s suffice to say that divorce trends have been heavily influence by changing social norms about being a “divorcee”, living together prior to marriage, […]

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Solid as a Rock

  “Solid as a Rock” – maintaining relationship and marriage quality in stepfamilies Among other things, a strong couple bond is essential to the success of any stepfamily. Newly remarried couples without children typically spend their first months together to build on their relationship and to nurture that fragile love connection. Couples with children, on […]

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