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Tag Archives: remarriage

15+ questions to ask your partner before becoming a stepmum

Love the second time around is lovelier, but it’s also more complicated. Supporting your relationship to navigate the extra complexities that come with forming a stepfamily is a big job. And, one to start off right. Thinking of taking the plunge and marrying or moving in with the love of your life & his kids? […]

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Solid as a Rock

  “Solid as a Rock” – maintaining relationship and marriage quality in stepfamilies Among other things, a strong couple bond is essential to the success of any stepfamily. Newly remarried couples without children typically spend their first months together to build on their relationship and to nurture that fragile love connection. Couples with children, on […]

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Blending sucks

Want your stepfamily to succeed? Make sure you suck at blending. ‘To blend’ means to mix one thing with another until they are combined. ‘Blended’ conjures up images of the best banana smoothie you’ve ever tasted – with all the ingredients combined together in perfect taste-bud tantalising harmony. But successful stepfamilies know they may react […]

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