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8 Lessons From Walt Disney Other Than Stepmothers Are Wicked

In last week’s post, Ignoring Cinderella – A Stepmother’s Perspective, we promised a list of positive messages from Walt Disney relevant for stepfamilies AND don’t involve wicked stepmothers. Our top 8 are below: Stepfamilies are different from any other family type. Rather than blending in, stepfamilies do best when they accept the individual differences of […]

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Ignoring Cinderella – A Stepmother’s Perspective

Cinderella descended on our cinemas this week. A cinematic masterpiece with an amazing Australian actress (who we absolutely love by the way) in the stepmother role reinforcing a negative stereotype that has plagued stepfamilies, particularly stepmothers and stepdaughters, for centuries. I’m not sure if you have or are currently combatting the negative stepmother stereotype in […]

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Meeting The Kids For The First Time – How To Make It Positive

So, you read our previous post, Are We There Yet – When Is The Right Time To Introduce A New Relationship To Your Children?, and you and your partner have decided it’s time for you to meet your future stepkids. Feeling excited and extremely nervous all at the same time is par for the course. […]

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Are we there yet? – When is it the right time to introduce a new relationship to your children?

Long after the ink dries on your divorce papers your children may continue to harbour the hope that their mum and dad will reconcile. Seeing a parent with a new person seriously dents this fantasy and can be emotionally difficult for children to come to grips with. It can also affect the way in which […]

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Stepparenting – When The Ex Won’t Leave You Alone

So, you’ve found the perfect partner and it just so happens that he or she has kids. You’ve entered the relationship with an open mind knowing and understanding that the children’s other parent will be involved in your new family life in some shape or form – whether physically or in conversation. No surprises there, […]

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Passion vs Parenting – the single parent’s rite of passage

Looking for “love” …. again…. After the stress of your divorce, you deserve to have some fun. You also deserve to love and to be loved and to experience an adult relationship that meets your needs. Falling in love can be a euphoric, endangered and exhausting experiencing. It typically requires our full attention and can […]

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Give Peace (& Gin) A Chance: Pushing The Reset Button On Your Co-Parenting Relationship

As a teenager and young adult, I did not understand the pleasure my grandparent’s seemed to experience from their five o’clock gin and tonic. I could not stand, what I experienced at the time, as the bitterness of gin or the blandness of the tonic. At University I would elect to consume a cheap bottle […]

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“Lights, Camera, Action” – what step-parenting role will you create?

Hands down being a parent is bloody hard work. Being a step-parent can be even harder! If you are to weather the storm of assaults that both ex-partners and step-children, in particular teenage step children, can make on your self-esteem, judgement and authority it helps to have a great deal of self-confidence and a supportive […]

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