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Passion vs Parenting – the single parent’s rite of passage

Looking for “love” …. again…. After the stress of your divorce, you deserve to have some fun. You also deserve to love and to be loved and to experience an adult relationship that meets your needs. Falling in love can be a euphoric, endangered and exhausting experiencing. It typically requires our full attention and can […]

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Give Peace (& Gin) A Chance: Pushing The Reset Button On Your Co-Parenting Relationship

As a teenager and young adult, I did not understand the pleasure my grandparent’s seemed to experience from their five o’clock gin and tonic. I could not stand, what I experienced at the time, as the bitterness of gin or the blandness of the tonic. At University I would elect to consume a cheap bottle […]

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“Lights, Camera, Action” – what step-parenting role will you create?

Hands down being a parent is bloody hard work. Being a step-parent can be even harder! If you are to weather the storm of assaults that both ex-partners and step-children, in particular teenage step children, can make on your self-esteem, judgement and authority it helps to have a great deal of self-confidence and a supportive […]

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5 things you need to know about successful stepfamilies

5 things you need to know about successful stepfamilies Approximately 56% of second marriages with children under the age of 18 in Australia end in separation and divorce. Want to know what sets the 44% of successful stepfamilies apart from the rest? 1. They understand that stepfamilies are different. Stepfamilies aren’t the same as other […]

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Why Good Enough May Be Just Perfect: Stepparent Expectations

Let’s face it, stepfamilies are formed after divorce, the death of a parent or the marriage of a single parent who has, up to that point, raised their child alone. Stepfamilies do not come to pass without all those involved having already lived through at least one major life event and all the stressors that […]

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Riding the Christmas See-Saw: Balancing your Parnter and you Kids

It’s hard, isn’t it? The balance act required when you’re first starting the journey of creating your stepfamily. You want all of the important people in your life to feel loved and valued every day – particularly around the holidays. But at times, it can feel like you are standing in the middle of a […]

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Boundaries & Stepfamilies

Never underestimate the importance of boundaries. When you don’t have them you end up either walking all over the people in your life or getting walked on. Savvy stepfamilies make sure neither of these happens in their homes! You know the saying ‘choose your battles’? Recognition that you, as a stepparent, get to have a […]

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Surviving Christmas

All the marketing that we are bombarded with in the lead up to the festive season, means we tend to associate Christmas with summer holidays, friends and, most importantly, family. Stepfamilies take the chaotic-ness, stress and busyness of the holiday festive season and compound it tenfold – not least because they typically span at least […]

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Solid as a Rock

  “Solid as a Rock” – maintaining relationship and marriage quality in stepfamilies Among other things, a strong couple bond is essential to the success of any stepfamily. Newly remarried couples without children typically spend their first months together to build on their relationship and to nurture that fragile love connection. Couples with children, on […]

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