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Category Archives: The Ex

Undercut & Undermined – what to do if your stepchild resists contact because parental authority is being undermined

When your stepchild seeks to exclude you or worse still reject you, your spouse/their parent and their entire stepfamily , it can be difficult to know how to react or what to do. It can be especially painful when you believe that you have gone out of your way to try and forge a relationship […]

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What To Try When Cooperative Parenting With The Ex Proves To Be A Pipe Dream

‘Mutually co-operative parenting’ and ‘shared parenting’ are terms typically used when talking about the gold star type of parenting for separated parents. It implies parents that are able to work together for the sake of their children. That, with the assistance of with time, distance (and maybe even therapy), parents have been able to move […]

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The Phantom Ex: An ever-present, non-present biological parent

It is a fact that some children’s mothers or fathers are absent from their lives by choice. It is also a fact that some stepparents choose to be a daily presence in these same children’s lives by choice. Despite what others may think, an absent biological parent does not make a stepparent’s role easier. As […]

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Grudge Holding – It’s Bad For Your Health

When someone you care about hurts or offends you, you can hold on to the anger and you can bear a grudge. When in grudge mode, you might give that someone the silent treatment, make sarcastic comments under your breath (or out loud) or be deliberately obstinate, rude or unhelpful. You might spend large amounts […]

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divorce ANGER: What the heck is it?

A few posts ago we talked about anger and step kids. As we mentioned in that post, anger is an emotion that typically occurs when a person of any age is feeling overwhelmed and powerless. Let’s face it, when family’s breakup, kids do not have complete ownership on feeling besieged and helpless. When family’s breakup, […]

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Stepparenting – When The Ex Won’t Leave You Alone

So, you’ve found the perfect partner and it just so happens that he or she has kids. You’ve entered the relationship with an open mind knowing and understanding that the children’s other parent will be involved in your new family life in some shape or form – whether physically or in conversation. No surprises there, […]

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