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Category Archives: School/Education

5 tips for managing back to school Stepmum-style

Summer holidays are just about over. Can you hear that school bell ringing in the not-so-distant future? No matter how many times you’ve done it before, crossing the school gates in your stepparent role can be daunting. Boundaries between a stepparent and an ex can be blurry at the best of times. But heading back […]

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Kids, Separated Parents, Step-Families and School Success

Prior to separation, when parents lived together in the one home, they each had a role in monitoring and guiding their children’s schooling, essential to academic success. This does not change just because they are now separated and living in different households. It certainly makes it harder. Especially, when there are tons of things about […]

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6 Tips for Stepparents/Co-parents to navigate the back-to-school madness

For many families the start of the school term and the return to school is a looming presence that generates a sense of palpable unease. The back-to-school madness, coupled by parents who operate from two separate homes juggling their respective household’s needs, brings with it a unique set of challenges. The pressure of organising enrollments, […]

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