Helpful Help for Stepparents

Resources that capture the complexity of stepfamilies and of stepparenting

Resources that capture the complexity of stepfamilies and of stepparenting. Being a stepparent can at times be stressful, daunting and lonely. There are a variety of challenges and obstacles to overcome, all of which contribute to the divorce/separation rate for step-couples being generally higher than that of “first” marriages. It is therefore crucial to make… Continue reading Helpful Help for Stepparents

Tips For Stepfamily Gift-Giving

Tips for Stepfamily Giftgiving

It’s that time of the year when it’s easy for coparents, stepparents and children to get caught up in the calendars, traditions, and negotiations for time together and time apart associated with the end of year holiday season. (We have some articles on those topics too: Tips for Managing Family Traditions in Your Stepfamily, 7… Continue reading Tips For Stepfamily Gift-Giving

The Space Between 2 Homes

Now we all have different needs for space, physical and emotional. As we go about our daily life, different spaces (and states) help us to carry out the task in hand or to recover from them. Emotional spaces can be influenced by the physical spaces we inhabit and vice versa. Our needs for these spaces… Continue reading The Space Between 2 Homes

The Relationship Difference

Whilst likeability and attraction can be instant, relationships however do not just appear. Meaningful and long-lasting relationships and secure attachments between us and others are built, established and maintained over time. Relationships are also by no means static. They can (and will) change and are influenced by time, experiences and life and developmental stages. The… Continue reading The Relationship Difference

13 Ways to Encourage Bonding Between Step-Grandparents & Their Grandkids

A Gaggle of Grandparents. I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by grandparents – 6 in fact. A situation brought about because each of my parents grew up as only children and, as children, they each experienced the pain of divorce and the adjustment that comes along when parents re-partner. By the time my… Continue reading 13 Ways to Encourage Bonding Between Step-Grandparents & Their Grandkids

Blending Sucks

  Want your stepfamily to succeed? Make sure you suck at blending. ‘To blend’ means to mix one thing with another until they are combined. ‘Blended’ conjures up images of the best banana smoothie you’ve ever tasted – with all the ingredients combined together in perfect taste-bud tantalising harmony. But successful stepfamilies know they may… Continue reading Blending Sucks