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Category Archives: Biological Parent

Fathering From The Middle – support for biological fathers in stepfamilies

The middle is not typically a place where any of us chooses to be. Think about flying, most of us prefer and are even willing to pay extra for the aisle or window seat on a plane. Depending on what we are queuing for, we tend to push to be at the front of the […]

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The Relationship Difference

Whilst likeability and attraction can be instant, relationships however do not just appear. Meaningful and long-lasting relationships and secure attachments between us and others are built, established and maintained over time. Relationships are also by no means static. They can (and will) change and are influenced by time, experiences and life and developmental stages. The […]

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The Phantom Ex: An ever-present, non-present biological parent

It is a fact that some children’s mothers or fathers are absent from their lives by choice. It is also a fact that some stepparents choose to be a daily presence in these same children’s lives by choice. Despite what others may think, an absent biological parent does not make a stepparent’s role easier. As […]

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Worried your partner is a sh@!ty parent to your stepkids?

Language warning: This post contains language that may be offensive to some readers. So you’ve found the love of your life and they are perfect EXCEPT that they are useless at parenting. At least from your point of view. There aren’t too many stepparents out there who haven’t at one time or another thought ‘what […]

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The Ties That Bind: Loyalties in stepfamilies

  Like mother, like daughter. Like father, like son. We’ve all heard these proverbs. Some of us may have even reiterated them once or twice about our nieces or nephews, our close friends’ children, our own kids or our stepchildren. The sayings reflect what we know. Children tend to identify with their same-sex parent and […]

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