Being a stepparent is hard.

We empower stepparents with knowledge and evidence-based tools to manage the challenges of stepfamily life.


Our purpose is to empower stepparents with the tools they need to manage the challenges of stepfamily life.


Our passion is better relationships.

SteppingThrough shares ideas, tools and resources to help you create a stepfamily and life you love.


Our approach is evidence-based because we know that works.

Successful stepfamilies don’t just happen overnight. The journey from finding the love of your life to building a stepfamily and life you love can feel especially daunting. But, you are not alone. You can find tools, ideas and resources to help you here at SteppingThrough.

We embrace research and knowledge. We do not take a rearview mirror approach to stepfamilies. We focus our energies (and yours) on the here and now and on moving your stepfamily forward in a positive, solution focused way.

Our team.

Rachel and Trisha started as co-workers many years ago and fast became friends. Having originated in New Zealand and the States, they have both built homes and families in Australia.

They both studied psychology at University and have extensive experience in the private and public sectors working with children and families. Trisha has earned both a Bachelor of Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology and is principal and founder of Stepmother Solutions.  Rachel has a Masters Degree (Social Science) majoring in Psychology and Behaviour Analysis, Post Graduate Certificate in Social Health, is a nationally registered psychologist in private practice at The Relationspace and the author of the children’s book, Max’s Divorce Earthquake’. 

Rachel and Trisha have celebrated some wonderfully happy and also devastatingly sad life events during the past decade of their friendship. Their stories involve divorce, re-partnering, puppies and children. They are passionate about sharing ideas, tools and resources to help you build a stepfamily and life you love.